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Web application development

Our developers have a wealth of experience in creating cutting edge web applications for a wide range of clients. Neil Barter, the founder of Aztec Media, has worked on a great variety of large and medium sized projects for a number of Blue-chip organisations and SME's. These companies include IBM, Mercedes-Benz, BT, Royal Mail, Toshiba, London Business School, Coop-travel and We have also worked on e-commerce and brochureware projects for small business and organisations across the UK.
web based application development
We have the experience of working in many different areas of web based application development. Some of the types of systems we have worked on are as follows:

Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM)

CRM's enable you to collect data about your customers and use that data in an effective way. The data you collect and use will vary dependent upon what your business requires. CRM's can be as simple as collecting names and addresses etc from customers for use in marketing and product support later in your relationship with the customer. CRM's can also be used as extensions to systems you have already, for example, as a way of relating the demographics of your customers to your businesses strengths and weaknesses. Monitoring customer data like this can help you improve your product uptake by certain sections of the market as you spot the areas that you are not achieving full potential in.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content Management Systems allow you to make modifications to your website by use of an easy to use administration control panel. We build bespoke CMS's for our customers who's businesses are always on the move. A good example of a typical element we would build into a CMS would be news management, as this is an ever evolving area of your business CMS's can be as simple or as complex as you wish to make them, even to the point where the pages themselves can change how they look at the click of a button.

SOAP Webservice & XML API development

If you want to share or sell your in-house data or stock, we can facilitate the connection between your systems and the outside world. This can be done by a variety of means, and the latest technologies use Webservices and XML to allow other applications to interact with your data. Webservices allow outside sources to securely query and book or reserve your data in real-time. We have developed many systems that use technology like this, mainly for online travel bookings. This can be of great value to many types of businesses, for example hotels, travel companies, insurance providers, property businesses such as estate agents, training providers and pretty much anyone who has a booking or sales system they'd like to share across the internet.

E-commerce and secure payment integration

The simplest form of e-commerce is the selling of your products online via a shopping cart application. We can offer services where we build on an existing shopping cart application, or we can build from the ground up. We have built several online sales solutions for our customers, integrated with secure payment providers, and guided them through the process of working with the banks to obtain the necessary Merchant ID's required for online trading. Ask us how we can get your products onto the internet to extend your sales potential massively.

Bespoke travel dynamic packaging solutions

Dynamic packaging is the process of tailor making holidays or business trips piecing together various elements of travel stock. We have a great deal of experience in the travel sector, and consider it our core speciality. We have the experience to build your customer facing website application, your links to your 3rd party travel data suppliers, and to enable you to share your data with other companies via webservices or XML.To find out more, please visit our travel software section.

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