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E-commerce applications

The definition of an e-commerce system is one that enables the buying and selling of goods over the internet.
There are many elements to an e-commerce system, including stock and customer management, taking secure payments and setting up bank accounts, and organising deleivery of goods you are selling. We can guide you through the whole process of setting up to sell online.
e-commerce application development
Bespoke e-commerce applications

We can build your e-commerce system from the ground up if you have specific requirements from your application. We have many years experience in working with the relational data that is required for a solid e-commerce system, and can help you to design a system that can handle your stock and customer management requirements. We have also worked on many projects where secure payments have been taken for goods, so we have the relationships with the online payment providers you will likely use. Our service does not end there...we will also help you to take the necessary steps to set up the accounts with the banks you'll need to be able to take secure online payments

Off-the-shelf e-commerce applications

There are several commercial and freeware e-commerce shopping carts we can develop for you. Often all we will need to do for you is to change the look and feel of the application, connect it to the online payment providers and configure it for your use. We can also host this application for you, and offer support contracts so that you can be assured that your online store is working reliably and any problems will be managed by us.

Legal and secure

Regulations for online selling are constantly changing as the credit card companies take more and more steps to secure the way we do business online. We endevour to follow these regulations as they appear, and will keep you up to date on the latest developments, and build the new regulations into your application.
This is important to you, as there may be times where credit card companies will remove somebody's ability to trade, due to their insecure or non-compliant site. Although we cannot guarantee that any application will fit into these regulations for ever, we aim to be proative in fixing problems, so that you do not have the expense of renewing your site each time a major change is put in place by the banks and credit card companies.

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